September 2, 2015

Fresh Thoughts on Improvisation in Art and Life

I have stumbled onto improvisation by accident. when I had once been asked to compose a piece for a live radio recording and an open public concert in Israel.

I was truly lazy and did not manage to write the piece on time. Time passed by and it was two days before the concert. I still did not have a note written. It was at that point that I decided to go on stage and start composing “on line”.

Yes, it was shocking at first and even frightening, (mostly to the people who knew of the plan…) but it turned into such a success that since then, I have never missed an opportunity to repeat the experience.
I never quite know what to expect and how it will sound, but this is what makes the music so edgy, unique and alive.

Playing and composing have brought me to discover the beauty in this world, but improvising has given me the courage to create it myself. It’s about creating and being in the now. It’s about taking risks and being exposed, as if you were naked. It is also about regarding mistakes as opportunities rather than errors.