Concert Programs


Moments from the Orit Wolf Concert Series - 2017

Season at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Program 4

1888 – The Romantic Twilight

Violin & Piano: Orit Wolf and Sergey Ostrovsky 1888 was a fascinating transitional year in the western music, where romanticism meets impressionism. Nationalism has also been taking a major place in music culture. It is in this concert that Wolf and Ostrovsky are playing the Master Pieces of that intriguing year, while sharing their own… View Article

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Program 3

Franz Liszt: From Hedonism to Priesthood

(Including the four hands version of the Hungarian Rhapsody no. 2) A fascinating, inspiring program on Franz Liszt, playing both his virtuosic master works, as well as his most intimate ones, showing the duality and the continuous ambiguity of the man and his music. Campanella, Tarantella, Romance, Lieberstraum, Benediction de dieu dans la solitude &… View Article

Program 2

Schubert and Chopin: The Masters of the Romanticism

The Poets of the piano in an intimate recital by Orit Wolf, playing Schubert Impromptus and Sonata D. 960, alongside Chopin 1st Ballade, Preludes and Fantasia Impromptu. A truly romantic program, where Wolf shares her passion for those two composers, giving live examples of their poetic qualities and early romanticism, their points of similarities and… View Article

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Program 1

Making Love with Chopin

A unique solo program by Orit Wolf, playing the Master Pieces by Chopin, while sharing with the audience the stories behind the music, the life of the artist, his letters and unsolved mystery. Ballades, Waltzes, Mazurkas, Preludes and Fantasies.

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