Ph. D

Beethoven as Heard by the Romantics:
A Study of Romantic-Style Cadenzas Composed to Beethoven’s Fourth Piano Concerto, Op. 58

Orit Wolf

Department of Musicology

Ph.D. Thesis

Submitted to the Senate of Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan, Israel October 2006

This work was carried out under the supervision of Professor Judit Frigyesi

Department of Musicology, Bar-Ilan University


I would first like to express my most sincere gratitude to Prof. Judit Frigyesi for her extraordinary wisdom and magnificent ideas throughout the entire course of this dissertation. From its conception to its final completion she has been my most constructive critic and partner. Her enthusiasm, encouragement and faith are not so easily found these days.
A special thanks for Dr. Pninah Kanovsky for her most professional editing work and constant support. Without her remarkable assistance, this work could never have been brought to its completion.

I am also thankful to my true friend, Mr. Harald Fiedler, for his marvelous German translations, and to Dr. Duncan Irving, for finding me the most rare cadenzas with tremendous generosity.
On a more personal level, I wish to express my love and gratitude to all my family and especially to my mother, Ruth, who has been so patient, supportive and helpful in every possible way to make this work become a reality.

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